Log: Day 20 – Today is only the beginning.

Today marked the day of senior project presentations! The gallery went fairly well! Below are a few photos from my gallery that I took~!


There’re even more photos that I’ll be posting on the Twitter account after I make this post.

Lots of people came in, and I answered a ton of questions~ Everything (the music, the manga, the website, and the story) were all split up into their respective sections, and it seems everyone was pretty pleased.

Now that I’m done with the senior project, this blog will be turning into a regular project. I’m thankful that all the work I did paid off. The senior project was such a great experience, and I’m so happy that I got everything done in time (except for the MUSIC WHICH CRASHED ON ME UGH 8C).

Moving on to the summer, I’ll still be working on this project. I’ll continuously be going over the written story even more than I already have, and illustrate the other six manga parts over the course of the year. And as for music… I’ll try again. ||:

Now excuse me while I proceed to catch up on some odd 40 or so hours of lost sleep from this past weekend.



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