Log: Day 19 – Today’s the day… before.

Good afternoon! It’s been a little while since I’ve made a post, right…?

It’s been a busy sort of weekend. I’ve been working and traveling at the same time, so I’m a little dazed and agitated at the moment over how many preparations needs to be made for tomorrow.

…Speaking of tomorrow: Senior Project Presentation day has finally arrived!

I outlined what my gallery will look like last week. Since it’s a gallery (and not a power point presentation), it’s going to be set up differently~

For all four parts, I’ve written up a little description of each topic. These descriptions will be placed next to each section on a stand (kind of like an artist statement, or a summary), so that people can read what the topic is about before I go on and explain it myself~

Part 1: Illustration

The 28 or so manga pages will be placed on the magazine rack (the slanted parts of the shelf in Room 109).

That’s it, really.

I’m planning to print the pages on a nice, thick quality paper (not like regular printer paper), but I’m still not sure what kind of paper that’ll be. I… still don’t have a printer, so I’ll either go to Staples to do it, or somewhere else. ;w;

Part 2: Writing

Oh yay. Writing. 90+ pages of printed chapters, divided up into their respective sections, bound, and laid out from 1 – 7 in a half circle on the large table in the room. That’s the plan. The table will probably be pushed back towards the far wall to the fireplace (since I can’t remove it from the room, even though I wish I could. :C).

Each chapter/part will have a title page as well~

Part 3: Music

So. Music. Music has been a complete pain to work with since I started this project, and has been increasingly stressful to complete. However, I do have a bit of a surprise (yay?), and what I’ve composed will be featured in this project. I was thinking of ways to improve on how I would be presenting music in the gallery, because I realized that when I have the song that I’ve composed for this project playing as BGM (which really isn’t more than about two minutes or so) it would basically on repeat for half an hour. That means 15 replays of the same track for 30 minutes? That’s… kind of annoying, especially if someone’s in the gallery for more than 5 minutes. (And this will continue all night, so that’d total to a LOT of plays by 8:30.)

Therefore, I got this great (and very spontaneous; I thought of it yesterday) idea! In Future Thoughts 01, I made a post about some of the inspirations that lead me to want to compose music for the project. I thought it’d be neat to have the music that I was inspired by playing as BGMs in the gallery as well! The plan is to have a playlist of songs surrounding the track I composed (which will play in the middle of the playlist, and will be indicated by a chiming bell in the beginning) so that people won’t miss the track). The playlist is as follows.

  1. Kouya ni Hitori by 佐藤直紀 (Naoki Sato) from the 交響詩篇エウレカセブン ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 1 (Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 1)
  2. Kouwazaru Unmei by 佐藤直紀 (Naoki Sato) from the 交響詩篇エウレカセブン ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 1 (Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 1)
  3. Hisou by 佐藤直紀 (Naoki Sato) from the 交響詩篇エウレカセブン ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 1 (Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 1)
  4. Tooi Kioku by 佐藤直紀 (Naoki Sato) from the 交響詩篇エウレカセブン ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 1 (Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK 1)
  5. The track I composed for the project (which is untitled as of right now, but will have a title in the next few hours or so….).
  6. MR.BRAIN -Ballad Version- by 菅野祐悟 (Yugo Kanno) from the MR.BRAIN Original Soundtrack.
    (I didn’t mention Yugo Kanno in the Future Thoughts 01 post (mainly because I didn’t want to drag FT01 on and on. He’s another composer, like Naoki Sato, and composes music for television shows/dramas. I drew a lot of inspiration from him as well, and the style of his compositions is similar to that of Naoki Sato.)
  7. 科学警察研究所~未来の犯罪捜査のための方法~ (Kagakukeisatsukenkyuusho ~Mirai Hanzaisousano no Tame no Houhou~) by 菅野祐悟 (Yugo Kanno) from the MR.BRAIN Original Soundtrack.
  8. 勿忘草 (Mochiron Bõkusa) by ZIZZ Studio from the Lamento O.S.T. -The World Devoid Of Emotion-
  9. 歌うたいの猫 (Uta Utai no Neko) by by ZIZZ Studio from the Lamento O.S.T. -The World Devoid Of Emotion-

The playlist totals to about 25 minutes of audio. I think it’s perfect, because by the time the playlist plays through, people will already be filing in the PAC for the stage presentations. 8D I think. And then later it’ll just replay every 25 minutes!

I’ll probably set it up to play either on my computer, or on the smart board. I’d rather use my computer so that the tracks will be viewable onscreen, rather than with the smart board (which will have the website on display instead). I already have the playlist set up, including every track (except for my composed track, which still needs some final touches). I’ll connect my computer to some speakers~

Part 4: Website

I don’t even know why I’m explaining this part since it’s so simple. The website will be pulled up on the computer connected to the smartboard so that it’s easily viewable. That’s all.

See you tomorrow! (Unless you are readers among the internet-verse, in which I will take photos for you all for tomorrow’s blog post. :’D)


Obligatory celebration edit:

HOORAY! 25 posts complete!


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