Log: Day 17 – Part 3: The Price of Innocence

You don’t have a manual, a set of guidelines, or a tutorial, yet you’ve managed to make it far enough to call your daily actions “routine”. However, relations are tense, and things begin to turn for the worst until a flicker of hope slips its way into your regime. Your body relaxes, and your mind is put at ease, and for once, things start to calm down again. However, your false sense of security is immediately shattered, and you are forced to act according to instinct instead of intellect. Although your routine has returned to normal, you’ve made a terrible mistake, one that will plague you for days without end.

— Part 3: The Price of Innocence

After the chaos in Dawn’s Hourglass, you’d hope The Price of Innocence starts off in a calmer manner.


The Price of Innocence starts off with an argument. Hideto’s gotten tired of wandering around aimlessly, and is losing all hope that him and Tsurugi are even going to make it out of Lacri Forest alive, much less find Aikare. This causes an argument to ensue, and Tsurugi leaves Hideto in the middle of the forest in a fit of rage.

I skipped a large majority of travel for one reason—it’d be boring to write, and it’d be boring to read. There’s a three week time skip between the attack on Lacri and when The Price of Innocence begins. There was nothing that I could really think of that would be important to plot development to add in between Dawn’s Hourglass and The Price of Innocence. Therefore, I felt a time skip was necessary.

After Tsurugi leaves Hideto, Hideto ends up getting into an accident (the clumsy fool), and is found by a farmer a few hours later. This farmer—Hanro—takes care of him for a little while before the two eventually go off and try to find Tsurugi.

Which then proves to not be very difficult.

Throughout The Price of Innocence, Hanro assists the two boys with various tasks, and even gives them presents to help them on their journey, but, of course, Tsurugi is suspicious of the old man.

It’s not until the end of The Price of Innocence that you find out that the Kaos army has put a bounty on Tsurugi and Hideto’s heads, and that Hanro is out to catch them. However, the old man snaps, and ends up trying to kill the two boys.

Hideto acts on instinct, and ends up killing the old man by accident by shoving him into a fire. It’s pretty dramatic. :c

That’s pretty much how The Price of Innocence goes. There’s nothing research related in this chapter. However, the title, The Price of Innocence, relates to Hideto’s innocence in bring Hanro along with them, and eventually having to choose to do something wrong in order to save himself.

That’s all for today! I’ll be putting a regular log post up later tonight.



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