Log: Day 16 – Major Website Updates!

Some really brief website updates here!

I finally fixed the master page background for the site, and did some updates to the story navigation page.

Here’s some screencaps below.

The homepage with the new background.

The story navigation page.

Everything’s looking pretty nice so far~

Here’s a progress photo of the background in MSD4.

All six parts are complete and uploaded to the website. I’m unsure of if I’m going to do a part seven/epilogue yet, what with there being only three days left. However, feel free to go read the story in its entirety there!

I’ve added a LOT of photos to the progress tab on the website.

Also, I’ve updated the header to this blog!


The manga is coming along somewhat nicely. There’s still a lot of pages to ink, which has proven to be a painfully tedious experience. However, it’s geting even closer to completion. As for composing, there’s about a 40% chance I’ll be doing that. Sadly. It can’t be helped. ;___; There’s still a slight chance it could happen, but I doubt it. :c



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