Log: Day 15 – Part 2: Dawn’s Hourglass

Your sense of calm is violently thrown into chaos as an unexpected event destroys everything you once knew and loved. Fear grips the soul, and all you can do is run from the matters at hand. There seems to be no escape – until an unexpected visitor pulls you from the shadows in which you’ve fallen into. A simple act of defense turns into a catalyst. There was never a chance to go back and change things – your only choice is to press forward.

— Part 2: Dawn’s Hourglass


The post for Dawn’s Hourglass is a little off schedule because I’ve been drawing for 18 hours, but here it is!

If you haven’t already read it, Dawn’s Hourglass takes a dark, sinister turn. It begins fairly hopeful, and then everything just… goes downhill from there. My intention was to have two “zenith” points to this story, and Part 2 is the first of those climactic moments. It’s the catalyst that begins the story. Part 1 is kind of just, an introduction. or a prologue if you’re an action-y sort of person

Dawn’s Hourglass introduces three new characters, Metius, Anke, and Kain. They’re the soldiers of the Kaos army who kill Hideto’s mother, and were ordered to kill Hideto as well.

Of course, they kind of get cocky and tease him, which gives Hideto time to run off and escape. And then, Tsurugi comes along and saves Hideto from being chased down by Metius and Anke.

Which then puts the entire story into motion.

Interesting fact: I chose the names Metius and Anke from Greek mythology, because at the time I was obsessed with reading a lot on mythology and gods. “Metius” comes from Menoetius, the titan of anger, rashness and mortality. “Anke” comes from “Anake”, the goddess of compulsion and necessity. I tried to attribute those traits to both characters respectively—Metius is fairly bitter, loud and impatient, and Anke continuously expresses his need to kill Hideto.

Kain’s name doesn’t come from anything special. He’s not special.

Metius and Anke’s death in Dawn’s Hourglass is the reason why Hideto and Tsurugi are “on the run” and not simply “adventuring”. There’s a little bonus part in Dawn’s Hourglass that gives a little peek at the political aspects of this story. Be sure to read it. It’s important.

Dawn’s Hourglass ends with a little argument, and then Hideto agrees to go on with Tsurugi on their fantastical adventure

Lastly, the title. Why Dawn’s Hourglass?

Well, the main reason is because everything in Part 2 happens as dawn rises.. in an hour. Simple as that. It’s cheesy, I know! But I like it. c:

So, go on, read Part 2 and the other six parts on the website! They should be up there now.



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