Log: Day 14 – It is complete.


yes, that is a guitar pick


On Wednesday, I printed a total of 71 pages of writing for the Dark Side Project for the purpose of spending the weekend editing them.

Two days later, totaling at over 90 pages, the Dark Side Project’s story is finally complete.


I’ll be adding all the chapters to the website tomorrow since it’s past midnight and I’m tired from writing and I honestly shouldn’t be making a blog post so late anyway…

But, this is great! I honestly can’t believe I actually managed to complete this.

It’s been a long 5 months, hasn’t it…

Anyway, for the next few days I’ll be editing up those 71 pages (I haven’t printed Part 5 or sections of Part 3, which aren’t included in the original 71, so those will have to wait.)

Then after that, it’s all drawing and composing. (Which I’ve decided to squeeze in, despite the short amount of time I have.)

It’s gonna get done. It will get done. I will be stubborn about this project because I want to finish it and it’s been really exciting and fun.

So there. Expect some updates in the next few days.



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