Log: Day 13 – Part 1: Adolescence

Imagine you are a child living as a half-breed in a world where humans and demons reside peacefully in mirrored realms. Everyone despises you solely because of what you are. They do not fear, but they mock and taunt. You live with only your mother, a woman whose heart shines like the sun. Your father, the source of all your thoughts, has been off at war for three years. You feel hopeless and inadequate, but suddenly duo of twin demons enter your life and perk your interest. While one is soft spoken and caring, the other is uneasy and suspicious of you. Despite a rocky start to this relationship, things seem to be changing for the better, you believe.

— Part 1: Adolescence

Hello! Happy May! (I’m three days late, but whatever.)

Above was a blurb-like summary of Part 1 of the Dark Side Project. I believe I mentioned this at some point in my final Future Thoughts post this past… Saturday(?), but if not, I’ll just state it here.

From here on out are Log posts, and they’ll (hopefully) be posted every day. The log posts that are specific to the written story will be categorized as “Log” as well as the subcategory, “Story Parts”. Each of these written-story-specific log posts will be titled as “Log: Day [#] – [Part #: Part Title] (“parts” used to be chapters, but now that I’ve begun writing part 6,  the word “chapter” no longer seems to fit well with how this story progresses). Today’s post title is an example!

These “Part” posts will basically be explanations of the story in depth, split into seven parts (since there are seven parts). I’m planning to write one of these “Part” posts every other day until the 15th of May! YEAH!

Today I’ll be talking about Part 1— its inspirations, its characters, the setting, and finally, the structure of this part (and parts to come) — as well as an overview of the overall story itself (which, by the way, has yet to receive any sort of title… I’ve just been calling it “Dark Side Project” for now, but…).

By the way, expect the end of the week, or possibly this coming Sunday as the potential full-story-completion date.

Note: These are spoiler-filled posts (obviously)! Part 1 (the draft) is already online on the website, so if you’d like, you can read it there first before you continue on with this post. (Wix is having some issues, so the end of that part will be posted later once I figure out what’s happening~)

If you’ve already read the first part, read on~

First of all, welcome to the Dark Side Project. My first, official introduction!

While the past twelve log posts and three Future Thoughts entries were important (and if you haven’t read them, especially the Future Thoughts posts, please go ahead and do so now before you even think of continuing), here is where things get serious. I’m glad to finally be able to show off give some “completed work” entries instead of “semi-complete” or “in progress” entries!


This story is set in a fictional world where humans and demons live side by side. This concept comes straight from Dark Side, (which I explain in the final Future Thoughts post) but in Dark Side, that fact is never explicitly explained. It’s something I wanted to immediately establish when I first started brainstorming for this story. This co-inhabited world is divided into two “realms”, one fit for demons, and one fit for humans. While that fact is not as important in terms of where Hideto and Tsurugi travel in this story), it is important for the political aspect of this story. In these two realms, there are four countries. Each realm is ruled by one being (either demon or human, but for the purpose of this story both realms are run by two different demons). In terms of countries and their rulers, just compare it to the US — there’s a “leader” (aka president), and then there’s a “general of the army” (same here in the US).

Part 1 begins in a country called Silativ in a small town called Lacri. I’ve been pretty inspired by the Victorian era lately, so I tried my best to describe Lacri as a old, Victorian styled town. In terms of time period… I guess you can compare this time period to the 1800s — horse and carriages, , all that fun stuff.


In Part 1, the only main characters you meet are Aikare, Tsurugi, and Hideto. Other characters, like Mei and Axen and his group are supplemental characters — they’re important in terms of establishing what the setting of this story is, but despite their brief appearances, none of them will be showing up a second time (you’ll see why in Part 2). Tsurugi is introduced as pretty humble, but when progressing throughout the rest of the story, you’l find that he can come off as fairly cocky and assertive~ Aikare starts off as pretty strict and bossy. However… her appearance in the story is fairly short~


Part 1 of the Dark Side Project is fairly relaxed compared to the other six parts. It’s not really as “action-filled” as the parts succeeding it. The reason for the title Adolescence is because Part 1 serves as an introduction to the story in the same way that adolescence … well…  You’ll see when you get through the story. Hint: It relates to the theme! fufufu~

Part 1 (and all other parts) start off with a monologue by Hideto. I’ve been trying to do that with each chapter. I’m still not sure if I’ll keep this theme throughout the story as of yet…


That’s pretty much it for now. I honestly can’t really say much, since this is only part 1, but look forward to the next few posts coming soon!



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