Log: Day 11 – “Those who dwell, live for degradation.”

“A sickening silence tells all in ways that a vocal crowd can never describe. Things tend to come and pass as quickly as the wind. What’s happened is clear and inevitable. Yet to dwell and lament on one’s former choices for the sake of changing memory benefits no one, for it has already happened. There is nothing you can do to change the courses you took in the past. All you can do now is continue onward, despite this. Pick your head up and pull through. Those who dwell, live for degradation. While a gaping hole cannot be easily filled in an instant, it can be gradually repaired. Things take time to improve. There’s no getting around that. Inevitable events beget inevitable responses. At times like this, you just have to laugh and move on.”

— Excerpt from Project: Dark Side, Chapter 4.

This is going to be a unintentionally late and fairly short log post. I’ve been gradually writing away, and I’m nearly on Chapter 4. However, due to my previous epiphany from a few weeks ago, I was inspired to write a brief speech for Chapter 4. I won’t say what it’s for (because then that’s spoilers!), but I wil tell you, it’s for something big.

Now, I do have some brief explaining to do in regard to the lack of log posts and Future Thoughts series posts from this past week. Things have been… tough, to say the least. As stated in the first Future Thoughts post, I did return to NYC this past Tuesday, and had intended to attend a college visit from Thursday to Friday. However, that Wednesday, I spent the majority of the day visiting my grandmother in the hospital (this is the “family matters” that I was referring to back in the middle of last month – she was in the hospital since February). Sadly, she passed away the following morning, so my motivation has pretty much hit a brick wall since then. I have queued an extensive Future Thoughts post for tomorrow to at least compensate for the lack of posts last week, but I will not be writing any more posts this week at all, for there is too much to deal with between now and when I leave for Barbados (which has been pushed back to next week instead of tomorrow morning).

Due to this current situation, illustration has also suffered in terms of progress. (I’ll be explaining that in the next Future Thoughts post that goes up tomorrow.)

I apologize, really, for the sudden delay. Again.

Nonetheless, a log post wouldn’t be a log post without updates, so, as promised, here’s some updated character descriptions, continuing on from the previous log post. No illustrations. Sorry.

Secondary Characters (In Order of Appearance/Reference):

Mei Nagaro

Mei is a sweet hearted, dedicated woman, and the mother to Hideto Nagaro. She works as a teacher in the Lacri Village’s main elementary school. She is murdered by former leader, first officer, and new leader of the Kaos rogue army – Anke, Metius and Kain.


Soft-spoken but cynical and a bit maniacal, Kain is the newly dubbed leader of the Kaos rogue army after Anke and Metius’ death. He will stop at nothing and use as much force as possible to find the culprit of the murders of Anke and Metius, and is continually tracing Hideto and Tsurugi’s steps in an effort to track the two down and kill them for revenge.


Metius, a demon who cackled more than he spoke, was the former first officer of the Kaos rogue army. He was killed by Tsurugi in the midst of attacking Hideto.


An arrogant, loud mouthed demon, Anke was the former leader of the Kaos rogue army. He was killed along with Metius by Tsurugi.

Reili Kreta

Reili was the leader of the Yukika region in the Demon realm, but stepped down before moving to Lacri. She was captured by soldiers of the Kaos rogue army during the Lacri Massacre, and was later found murdered.

Hanro Vetch

Hanro, a light hearted, optimistic old man, is a farmer living on the outskirts of the Lacri forest area. He travels with Tsurugi and Hideto for a short period of time upon Hideto’s request, and is the source of most current information about Dai and the state of the war. He then turns against the two children and attempts to steal their collected belongings, but is subsequently stopped by Tsurugi. [Writer’s Note: This is the highlight of Chapter 3.]

Aikos Nishinomiya

Aikos is the leader of the Human realm and the father of Tsurugi and Aikare. He is a mysterious old demon who does not appear much at political meetings and says even less, but both Aikare and Tsurugi speak of him highly. However, there’s something odd about this well respected leader that doesn’t seem right…

Dai Nagaro

Dai is Hideto’s father and General of the Army of the Silativ region. He is unable to return home due to the ongoing brutal war between the Demon realm, the Human realm, and the rising rogue army Kaos. He sends many letters to Hideto and Mei during the war, always optimistic about returning. After the attack on Lacri, there are many rumors about his wherabouts. Hideto looks up to Dai highly and constantly refers to him throughout the story.

Aikare Nishinomiya

Aikare Nishinomiya is a tough-willed, kind, and clever demon who matches Hideto in age. Known for being the more active one of the family, she is much like her brother in respect of knowledge, but her wit and quickness make her the complete opposite in attitude and character. Aikare immediately takes a liking to Hideto at the beginning of our story, and does not call him out for being a “half-demon”, but does scold him constantly for not fighting back against his attackers. She is known to have been kidnapped during the Lacri Massacre.


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