Log: Day 10 – Main character update~!

A late and fairly brief (but necessary) update here! Remember the character descriptions I wrote in a previous post? (No? Okay. ;__;)

I tweaked and updated them. And now they’ll all (sooner or later) have accompanying illustrations.

Presenting, the two main characters of Project: Dark SIde in full drawn goodness! Other characters coming soon (once my poor drawing hand gets a break). This… is pretty much how I spent my day. Not sure if drawing for nearly 10 hours was still a good idea or not. …At least it was productive.



A rambunctious but socially awkward child, Hideto is the only son of Dai and Mei Nagaro, a family living in a small village known as Lacri in the Silativ region. Known to be polite and tough in spirit, Hideto is one to be protective as well as quick to act, despite being physically weak. Being a ten-year old half-demon does cause problems, for he is teased constantly by other children in the village and looked down on by older figures.







Tsurugi is the son of the famed leader of the Human realm, the notorious Aikos Nishinomiya. Tsurugi is a calm, quiet, calculating demon of twelve-years old who does not hesitate to always protect his younger sister, Aikare. Strong in nature as well as ability, he tends to save the boisterous Hideto on several occasions from injuring himself. He is extremely and astonishingly skillful with a bow and arrow for his age. His humble attitude serves him well and gains him much popularity with both children and adults of the village, but his once lax attitude begins to change once he is set off on an unorthodox adventure with Hideto…





That’s all for today tonight! I’ve added a couple more characters to the character roster – expect to see new names coming soon too!



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