Log: Day 9 – Oh.

I had a nice big progress update to share today. It was filled with absolutely amazing things. …But then Manga Studio Debut 4 crashed, and I lost the majority of my work from today.

… /sigh

So, I’ll be starting over tomorrow morning. It’s a pain, but things like this tend to happen on occasion, so I can’t get all worked up over it.

To just give a gist of what I’ve been working on today, I’ve been jumping around between pages, trying to get as much sketched out as possible. Here’s some screen caps below of what I managed to work on before the crash.

First, the sketches! I started by drawing the structure of Ren, Axen, and Scaid.

Ren, Axen, and Scaid.

In one panel, I decided to focus in on Axen’s face in accordance with this line from Chapter 1:

“You’re really something, Dog.” Axen whispered, kneeling down to Hideto’s level. “You’re so frail, and yet you still think you have all the strength in the world. Your father may be the strongest demon in this region, but you’re nothing but a half bred weakling. To think someone like you got accepted into the advanced combat course with us. It’s appalling.”

Note that Axen’s frown in the image will not be in the final project. …I was just messing around here. ^ ^;

Here’s a full shot of page 8 with 4 panels sketched out.

The following panel took up most of my time, since I decided to attempt drawing a background on my own digitally for the first time instead of using one of MSD4’s default background bases.

Attempting to draw a background of my own. Progress was coming along pretty well.

One of MSD4’s default backgrounds (that I’ll be using) for comparison.

On a side note, I somehow figured out that MSD4 has a rotating feature. Pretty neat. Also useful.

That’s pretty much it for the progress so far today. I’ll be working on the story for the rest of the evening~ Chapter 3 is now in progress, with Chapter 2 pretty much complete. Chapter 4, I’ll have to start planning out, because there’s a gap in the story right now that I just… can’t seem to figure out completely.

HOWEVER. i did have an epiphany a week ago, and have been restructuring the story to fit around this new idea. Also, just to throw another potential idea in the air, I’ve been thinking of making a video trailer for the story once the manga is farther along. Pretty much like the book trailer project I worked on in Media class two years ago, except using screen shots of the manga instead of video, and using audio from the music I’ll be recording at the end of this month.. It’s a possibility.


  1. P. Thomas said:

    These look amazing so far. Too bad about Manga Studio.
    What are your influences? Have you ever thought about where your anime sketches begin? Who/what is your inspiration?
    Did you see Twisted Manga on April 1st?

    • Thanks!

      I’ll definitely add those questions into the next “Future Thoughts” post, because those are the kinds of questions I’m planning to answer~

      I missed TM! (I was too busy freaking out over Toonami on [adult swim] that day to notice any other April Fools pranks, to be honest!) But I just looked at it now – Jumba Juice. Pretty clever. (Speaking of Toonami… I’ll most likely reference that in the next “Future Thoughts” as well…)

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