Log: Day 6 – Working as usual…


…I haven’t made a post in nearly two weeks. Haha… whoops.

I’ve been diligently working on this project, working at college, plus running around still getting things straight here at home. Everything’s pretty crazy. …Plus, I draw extremely slowly. /lol./ That’s why it’s taken so long~

I did have a blog post drafted on here though. Not sure why I didn’t just finish it up and post it. Anyways, here goes…

I started the bulk of my research a week and a half ago on the technical aspects of manga, meaning its structure, its format, how scripting works, and so forth. Found a nearly perfect source here that gave me virtually all the information I need (and more, if you scan through the sidebar). To summarize, it gives you a brief description of how manga is organized in comparison to western comics, and the technical format of manga. It’s pretty amazing, and extremely helpful.

Some little notes I jotted down from skimming through that page were that manga artists usually draw on A4 size paper, which is normal letter size paper at approx. 8.5×11 inches. Lucky for me, the sketchbook I brought with me is A4 paper, so I’ve been using that. …Though, I may run out of paper by chapter three or four…

Some other things I learned were that the typical dimensions for manga (meaning the space you get to draw in on your page) is about 3mm (.12in) away from the edge of the paper, which keeps the manga neat and focused on the page. The website even has a nifty reference picture that compares western and eastern comics! Neat.

After learning all that fun, technical stuff, I pretty much got started on the manga immediately, finishing up step 1 (which I mentioned in the blog post before this–the whole chapter summary to  page summary to illustration summary process ). I’ve quoted a small portion of what that process for me looks like below.

5-6: Mei also hands Hideto a card from Dai, and wishes Hideto luck in school, sending him off with a smile. Hideto walks on a dirt road path to school, reflecting on what his father had written.


Panel 1: Hideto asks if Dai will ever come home. Mei standing in front of him.

Panel 2: Mei’s expression of sadness. Speech bubble of uncertainty.

Panel 3: Mei ushers Hideto off to school, telling him he can read it on the way. Hideto on his way outside, smiling.

Panel 4: Image of house and background of village. Hideto walking outside, fixated on card, with necklace in hand and bag on back.

Panel 5: Mei’s expression of worry. Speech bubble withing Hideto good luck.


Panel 1: Fade out.

Panel 2: Hideto walking along dirt road to school, letter in hand, necklace around neck. Horizontal image, detailing surrounding area.

Panel 3: Hideto continues walking. Ominous shadows behind him.

This is the basis for what pages 5 – 6 of Chapter 1 look like (in words, anyway). And here’s the pages themselves, nicely …photographed. sigh

Page 5

Page 6

[For some reason, wordpress is auto-rotating these photos. I swear, they’re supposed to be upright! I can’t seem to fix them using the editor on here, so I guess the -90 degree rotation will have to do. Once I get a scanner, I’ll upload them accordingly. Sorry~]

As is obvious, page 6 has yet to be completed (the drafted sketches for panels 3-6 are not done as of yet). I’m still working on them, but since I’m a slow drawer, it’s going to take a while.

I calculated that it should take approximately 3 pages of drawing a day to get this manga completed on time but unfortunately due to time contraints I’m about 12 pages behind schedule…

I’ve also been working on the script (which I will insert in the manga pages through Manga Studio Debut 4 once I start inking). No previews for that as of yet, since it’s still in draft mode (and I don’t want to spoil anything!)

Between the drawing and the scripting, I still have a lot to do. Not to mention I’m also simultaneously writing up Chapter 1. My plan is to finish Chapter 1 before I leave for NY~! Which is, in fact, very soon. So I need to work at a doubled pace to get everything done on time.

Well~ Hopefully I’ll have time to work on more consistent blog posts before March begins. I probably will, since that’s when the composition process begins (and will be when I have my guitar, and time to play).

I’ll make another update post soon…



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