Log: Day 5 – It’s coming along…

What’s coming along, you ask?


The website, of course!

I’ve finally managed to snap a little progress photo of the editor that I’m working in. Take a look!

(Click to zoom in.)

The Wix editor allows you to take an already produced theme and customize it completely. While the three themes that I had put in Log No.1 were great, I found an even better theme (one in which I can’t seem to remember the name of!). Yesterday I spent about three to four hours sketching out what will be the background to the website. I snapped a picture of it with my iPhone and placed it on the website just as a place holder until I can scan and edit the actual image into Manga Studio Debut 4 and upload it to the site (because I have yet to get a scanner…).

From what I’ve been working with on the website, I absolutely adore wix.com. Despite the fact that your site’s url defaults to “wix.com/[username]/[name of site]”, the editor is a really handy tool, and the results can be really amazing. Hopefully I’ll be able to change the url to something I like (and will most likely have to pay for), but for now, I’ll keep it at the default. The site’s not yet published, but it will be soon!

Here's an image without the editor tools!

So far, I’ve spent a total of 6 hours modifying the website.

…Sadly, at one point in my progress, my Shockwave Player add on crashed in Google Chrome, and I lost pretty much all of my progress. (T ^T!!). That was about 2 hours in… and it was terrible. Luckily I’ve built the website up again, and it’s looking a lot better than it did before the crash.

Moving on… This senior project finally has a (temporary) name.

The Dark Side Project.

Simple, relevant, and straight to the point, I guess. I might stick with it, but it all depends on what I name the manga.

Which, speaking of manga… I’ve been doing some more research on manga structure and design. While I have a ton of links that I’ve looked through (and linking to them all would stretch this post for far longer than it needs to be), I found a simple answer to the one question that I’ve been endlessly asking: “How long should a manga be?”

The answer, I found here, in yet another Yahoo!Answers post.

To summarize my research:

On average, manga can be anywhere from 9-12 chapters per volume. Each chapter will have anywhere between 20-30 pages of illustration, depending on the context. Some manga may have only 5 page chapters, while others can have up to 50, or even more than that.

For the sake of time (and not breaking my back and/or getting carpal’s tunnel trying to finish this project within my already distorted outline), I’ve made a little goal for myself.

Goal: 2 volumes, 4 chapters each (8 total), 25 pages per chapter. Total: 200 pages of illustration.

I’ve completed the first batch of chapter summaries for volume one, and now have started to break down the chapter summaries into page summaries, and then the page summaries into illustration summaries. I still have yet to begin illustration, but today’s the day where I can probably get that started.

Remember back on Monday (or Tuesday? Or Sunday??) when I said I wanted to draft Chapter 1 completely? Well… haha, that’s not happening. At least the text will be drafted.

In other news, I’m finally starting classes here in Barbados next Monday. I’ve organized all my courses so that they will directly relate to my project (with the exception of ceramics–maybe I can do some pottery with Hideto, Tsurugi, and Aikare? Haha). I’m taking several courses in drawing/illustration, and a course in “Ear Training”, which will help me a lot with the composition side of this project.

There’s many things to do for next week. Hopefully I’ll get them done.



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