Log: Day 4 – Surprise!!

~*’Names and character descriptions are HERE!’*~

I’ve finally gotten around to write up some descriptions of each main and side character that you all will be seeing in the first two chapters. I’ve tried to be brief to avoid giving away any important plot points. Concept art will still have to wait, so I hope these character descriptions will satisfy impatience~

(Placed in a quote because it seemed suitable.)

And so we begin with… Hideto Nagaro.

A rambunctious but socially awkward child, Hideto is the only son of Dai and Mei Nagaro, a family living in a small village known as Lacri in the Silativ region. Known to be polite and tough in spirit, Hideto is one to be protective as well as quick to act. Being an eight-year old half-demon does cause problems, for he is teased constantly by other children in the village and looked down on by older figures. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by the remarks, however, and he always tries to find a way to look on the bright side of things.

Our second main character, Tsurugi Nishinomiya, is the son of the famed leader of the Human realm, the notorious Aikos Nishinomiya. Tsurugi is a calm, quiet calculating demon of ten-years old who does not hesitate to always protect his younger sister, Aikare. Strong in nature as well as ability, he tends to save the boisterous Hideto on several occasions from injuring himself. Tsurugi is quite aware of his position of power over Hideto, being a child of nobility, but unlike expectations, does not brag about it. His humble attitude serves him well and gains him much popularity with both children and adults of the village.

Tsurugi’s dear sister, (and our final main character) Aikare Nishinomiya, is a tough-willed, kind, and clever demon who matches Hideto in age. Known for being the more active one of the family, she is much like her brother in respect of knowledge, but her wit and quickness make her the complete opposite in attitude and character. Aikare immediately takes a liking to Hideto at the beginning of our story, and does not call him out for being a “half-demon”, but does scold him constantly for not fighting back against his teasers.

Born in the demon realm in the village of Kai in the Sora region, Tsurugi and Aikare are children of pure royalty. Their mother, Reili, was the leader of the Yukika region, but stepped down before moving to Lacri. Their father, Aikos, is leader of the Human realm. He is a mysterious demon who does not appear much and says even less, but both Aikare and Tsurugi speak of him highly.

Other Characters:

Mei Nagaro
Mei is a sweet hearted, dedicated woman, and the mother to Hideto Nagaro. She works as a teacher in the Lacri Village’s main elementary school.

Dai Nagaro
Dai is Hideto’s father and General of the Army of the Silativ region. He is unable to return home, due to an ongoing brutal war between the Demon and Human realms. He sends many letters to Hideto and Mei during the war, always optimistic about returning.

Believe me when I tell you, this isn’t the entire cast list. There will be plenty of additional characters, whether important to our story or not, who will mold and form the unique world that these lovely three main characters reside in.
Speaking of which, I spent the last few hours designing the world as well. Even drew a little map. (Still, sadly, no scanner = no pictures. The map will have to wait.)
I hadn’t realized how difficult building this world from scratch would be. But after spending literally 5 hours straight detailing the political, historical, and geographical structure of the world in my story, reality hit me.
Planning a story is difficult. I should’ve expected this.
I will have to save those descriptions (the political, historical, and geographical ones) for another post in the near future. For now, the structure of this manga (what I discussed in Log: 3) is most important.
Today’s a busy day. My goal is to get Chapter 1 drafted as quickly as possible. Hopefully that draft will be completed by the end of this week. I’ve been working on storyboarding and outline for Chapter 1 as well. When everything is complete, expect a blog post on that.
It’s “crunch time”, I guess~ School’s starting up for me soon, and I can’t leisure any longer.
Look forward to it!

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