Log: Day 3 – Delays, delays, and /more/ delays…

So I’ve run into two problems.

1.Purchasing a scanner has been indefinitely pushed back to “some other time”, so I haven’t been uploading anything as of yet. I have finished all three main character designs, however. Which is awesome. But without a scanner, I’ve essentially run into a roadblock. I can’t scan, therefore I can’t upload any background designs for the site (currently the site’s looking like a blank wall of links), nor can I upload character designs, region designs (designs for what the world will look like in the story), which then means I can’t progress very far in this project.

All this is only solidifying the fact that a drawing tablet has become more than necessary. With one, I’d be able to draw without the use of a scanner, and I’d be saving a ton of paper in my sketchbook, which has now turned into the ~project book~.

But therein lies my second dilemma.

2. I’m living in Barbados, and no one ships to Barbados. Amazon doesn’t ship electronics internationally (which is where I would’ve bought the tablet), and everywhere else that’s trustworthy are all focused nationally. I’ll have to wait another two months until I head back in March to purchase one, and with my current timeframe for this project beng as it is, that’s way too late.

Yeah. It sucks.

Despite all this, I’ve taken the liberty of charging ahead with anything I can, and can finally say I’ve started the manga. Researching the structure of manga (storyboarding, page design, etc) proved to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. Googling “how to draw manga” pulls in a ton of sources, but they’re all about the art style and not the structure. (The general misconception that manga is an art style is huge, I tell you.) I did manage to find some interesting reads that’s been helping me a lot, (even two Yahoo!Answers posts had some really great information, as trustworthy as Y!A can be…) I’ve placed those sources below.

In other news, I’ve finished up the character descriptions. Which was my plan two weeks ago, but with moving, things get delayed. Hopefully I’ll be able to put that up soon.


Storyboarding – Page Planning – The Importance of Structure

“How to (write a Script for/structure for) a Manga series?” (Yahoo!Answers)

“How to write manga?” (Yahoo!Answers)

How to Write a Manga Script

How to Write out a Manga in 3 Easy Steps


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