Log: Day 2 – Almost settled n’ stuff.


So it’s obviously been a week since I’ve last made a post. Due to packing and moving around, I’ve had to delay the project a slight bit.

Now I’m almost fully settled in Barbados, and have been able to continue this project! yey.

…So, my plan was to originally post some character descriptions, but since that got delayed, I haven’t been able to start them up yet. I might be able to start that off tonight and make a post on it in the morning. I did, however, do some brief research on character descriptions. Thanks to ehow (and squidoo, I guess). Those links will be at the bottom of this post.

On the other hand…


Which means I can finally work on the website without my computer exploding in my face freezing all the time due to horrible memory capabilities! ALRIGHT!

Since classes for me don’t start until the 23rd, I’ll have a ton of time to get the website set up. Expect some updates on that tomorrow too! (SO. EXCITING.)

I’ve also been spending time working on character designs, which means that currently, I have all the main characters done!

When the website goes up, I’ll post all the images there. That is… if we (my mom and I) buy a scanner tomorrow. I’ll see. I know we’re getting a scanner this week.

Also…. other great news!

I downloaded the trial for Manga Studio Debut 4 recently. For those that don’t know, Manga Studio Debut 4 is the intermediate version of Manga Studio EX 4, which allows comic artists (and attempt mangaka like me!) to develop comics with ease.

…They recommend having a drawing tablet, though. Many graphic artists do. An expense like that will have to wait. …I will get a Wacom before this project is over. I swear it.

For tomorrow’s plans, I’ll be setting up the website, posting the character descriptions, and *possibly* uploading the character designs for my three main characters.

Look forward to it, okay?




How to Define Characters in a Story

How to Write a Detailed Character Description

Definition of Character vs. Nature


Creating Character Profiles


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