Log: Day 1 – Beginnings.

Why helloooo, blog.

This is the first post in a series of (hopefully daily) logs for what will be the most complicated project I have ever created to take on–the  ✧・゚:* senior project *:・゚✧ (sparkly add ons for emphasis!)

(tl;dr my proposal: I am illustrating, writing an accompanying story, and composing music for an online flash manga. I have *some* knowledge of flash, no knowledge in web design, minuscule knowledge in music composition, and have been drawing since I can remember. This project will be long, complex, and will contain a ton of research.)

Firstly, Happy New Year. It’s 2012. How …grand.

I meant to begin some blog posts on Jan. 1st. However, other responsibilities (college applications) got in the way of that, and therefore I have started blog posts over a week late. Because of this, I’ve decided to jump straight into the project and research while I work, for I have a lot to do, and while six months may seem like a ton of time, it really isn’t (in my honest opinion. Maybe it’s because I draw really slowly).

I’ve organized this post into 5 sections. You can navigate those sections through the page numbers under the “Share” and “Like” buttons at the bottom! I’ll probably organize the bulk of my blog posts like this as well (just without the outline). Never mind. No I won’t. These pages are too complicated.

Page 1: This Page!

Page 2: Today’s Events

Page 3: Outline

Page 4: Website Publishing

Page 5: Plans for the next day

…Jeez, I’m so excited. I’ve never been this excited for something school related.

Be back tomorrow.



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