It’s really been a while, hasn’t it!

June 5th will mark the one year anniversary of the completion of the Dark Side Project.  For those that have read this blog and followed entries of the past, you should be familiar by now with the story this large-scale project has encompassed. The Dark Side Project—or DSP—for those that are unaware, was a five month long final project I undertook in my senior year of high school, telling the story of two young boys in a world of demons and fantasy, who, after being stripped from their homes and tossed into a nomadic-like lifestyle, trek across their home country to find a long lost sibling.

With this project, I took on two tasks (which, arguably, at the time, were naïvely planned out). I began by illustrating a 15-20 page manga, taking care to plan out each character’s design and environment. I then moved on to writing a short story, detailing the majestic world these characters resided in. The story, being the densest section of the assignment, took up about 70% of the timeline itself (and, regrettably, cause many sleepless nights and grumpy mornings from editing day after day!). By the time the project was ready for presentation in the days before graduation, I was exhausted beyond belief, but reasonably satisfied with myself for the endeavors i had accomplished and the efforts I had put forth. The project was complete, and I could finally rest well knowing I had gotten so far.

On June 5th, 2012, I promised that I would not leave the Dark Side Project as a “one time assignment”.

” I’ll still be working on this project. I’ll continuously be going over the written story even more than I already have, and illustrate the other six manga parts over the course of the year. This won’t end here. This is only the beginning. “

“Over the course of the year” was wishful thinking, at best. In that time period, I was preparing for college and for the next steps in life. Where would I have found the time to continue such an undertaking as DSP? DSP was placed on a back burner, and with the beginnings of my first months in college coming into view, I soon forgot about the project entirely.

It has been approximately ten months since then. Now that I’m closing in on the final few weeks of my first year of college, I’ve begun to look back on projects like DSP and wonder why I bothered to put them on hold at all.

The Dark Side Project was not just a “school assignment” to me. As I wrote in a blog post many months ago, the Dark Side Project was a world that I had “created, lived, and experienced within the realm of my imagination as I brought its characters to life”.

In the coming weeks, I will bring the Dark Side Project out of its recesses and pull it back into fruition. The blog itself will go over a minor makeover. I have not stopped here, nor do I plan to. I can’t guarantee that this project will be consistently updated over the next few months, but I can say that I have not left it to gather dust. There are various plans in store for the Dark Side Project, and if I can leave you all with anything to get excited over, it would be these words.

This is just the beginning.

~ vertica


Good afternoon! It’s been a little while since I’ve made a post, right…?

It’s been a busy sort of weekend. I’ve been working and traveling at the same time, so I’m a little dazed and agitated at the moment over how many preparations needs to be made for tomorrow.

…Speaking of tomorrow: Senior Project Presentation day has finally arrived!

I outlined what my gallery will look like last week. Since it’s a gallery (and not a power point presentation), it’s going to be set up differently~

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The manga is FINALLY COMPLETE!!!!1!1! despite those three top panels where I have to scan them in from my sketchbook which sadly is in Barbados at the moment.

A total of 200+ hours have been spent sketching, toning, and shading this, I’ve learned recently.

And I must say, I do not regret one bit of it. At all.

…Besides the overnighters this past week, last week, and two weeks before that.


I’ll be putting each page up tomorrow (since it’s past 10pm now and I need to take a break from drawing in preparation for Toonami tonight. Remember Future Thoughts #2? Yes.

For the next two days of weekend…I’m not sure what I’ll do. Celebrate because finally this project is almost complete? Sing and dance? I’ll have to think of something spectacular.

For now, I think I’m going to lie down. I’m still extremely sore from Field Day/walking five miles right after field day …Yeah. That’d be great.




Now that I’m sitting here, officially, on the first day of the senior project presentation preparation period (ah… it’s difficult to say, haha), I’ve been thinking back on the past six months I’ve spent working on this project. There’s been too many ups and downs; too many surprises and disappointments. Yet here I am, the Monday after the senior project is over, steadily drawing away, putting the final touches on the manga and typing up all the edits I’ve made on the ~90 page story.

I categorized this post as “Proposal”. …Don’t know why. It seemed fitting.

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You don’t have a manual, a set of guidelines, or a tutorial, yet you’ve managed to make it far enough to call your daily actions “routine”. However, relations are tense, and things begin to turn for the worst until a flicker of hope slips its way into your regime. Your body relaxes, and your mind is put at ease, and for once, things start to calm down again. However, your false sense of security is immediately shattered, and you are forced to act according to instinct instead of intellect. Although your routine has returned to normal, you’ve made a terrible mistake, one that will plague you for days without end.

— Part 3: The Price of Innocence

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